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Who can become a Shipa Assistant?

If you think you have excess capacity in your vehicle(s) that you can put to good use, please tap on “become a driver”. All you need is a smartphone and documentation in good standing. We’ll take care of the rest and guide you through the onboarding.

What will I Shipa as an approved Assistant?

Goods come in all sizes and shapes. Our software will take care of matching your vehicle with the suitable packages. You will receive notification through the Shipa app either as on demand job or a scheduled job.

What’s expected of me as a Shipa Assistant?

A great attitude and attention to customer needs. You will be able to accept the Run (delivery) that fit your profile and then the app will guide you through the journey until completion. We need your commitments and honest feedback.

How do I get paid?

The customer will pay either by cash or credit card. We you be able to track your billing directly from the Application and we will reconcile the balance to be paid to you a few times per month.

What are working hours?

Here is the best part; Shipa allows you the flexibility to work at timing of your choosing. That being said we need you to be committed to the jobs you have accepted.

What can I send or receive with Shipa?

Pretty much everything. We built our platform around you by bringing together the largest virtual fleet and developed an application for you to have full control of your deliveries and payment. We trained and equipped our “assistant” to best serve you.

How quickly do you deliver?

Your time is valuable to us. That’s why we are offering a true on demand service with a promise of a one hour delivery window. This is made possible with our large base and the convenience in the App where you can play with timing and locations.

What about price of the delivery?

Welcome to the era of the true “pay as you use”. In an effort to always provide you with the most competitive pricing, we are able to tap into excess capacity that best suits your needs so that you never have to pay full price for a delivery.

Do you I need the receiver exact address?

We acknowledge that picking an address can be challenging. That is precisely why we built our platform to be able to capture a delivery to a mobile or to a pin on a map as well as a traditional address. The receiver can also directly modify the address from within the App

Are my items insured?

Your goods are very valuable to us. We have contracted an insurance to provide you coverage. That being said we are focused on preventing any of this from happening by training and holding our Assistants to the highest standards when they are shipping your goods.

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